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Sep - 18

Respecting Relationships

Discovering and staying aligned with my personal values is super important in all that I do. Through trial and error and tuning into my own energy responses, I’ve gained a deep knowing in what is essential to me and how I want to live my life. Experience has taught me that loving relationships and teamwork are important to me. I hold this concept of teamwork in high regards and have had amazing outcomes when I live in harmony with this value of mine. Dedicating parts of my day to alone time and introspection is also vital for me to thrive as my best self, but I see my great results when I share a common goal with others.
Whether I’m working with one person at a time or 100 people together, I do make it known that this work should be accomplished with the support of their own personal team. Requesting support from friends, family, a significant other or the universe will all work great. This is not a requirement when coaching with me, but I do strongly suggest that our work together is being made known to the important relationships in the client’s life and is not kept secret. 
Although intimacy coaching doesn’t necessarily mean “sexual”, topics that are often discussed in sessions are quite personal and sacred. If a client is in a romantic relationship at the time of coaching with me, I strongly urge them to inform and or involve their significant other in our work. Feel free to share my website or let them know they can personally contact me to understand the work better. Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is super unique and unconventional at times. It is so important that the client can feel 100% comfortable with the work that we do together and walk away feeling positive and accomplished. Coaching isn’t optimal if subconscious thoughts are questioning whether or not their partners would be comfortable with what is happening. 
Relationship dynamics, rules and boundaries are all very different with every couple. It is not necessarily my business to know the details of my client’s relationship, but I do need to understand what is ok and what is off limits per their partnership’s collaborative boundaries. Knowing that our coaching works together is not being kept secret and the relationship is being respected at all times, allows me to do my job to the best of my abilities. Whether it’s through conversation, hands-on energy work or hypnosis and meditation, I often encourage client’s to get in touch with their arousal scale and be aware of their sexual energy. It is important for the client and myself to know how we can do this appropriately and with integrity. 
Prior to starting any coaching package, I provide a detailed description of this unique method to the client to review with their significant other. The critical step of establishing guidelines as a “team” with your partner and myself will open the door to amazing results from our sessions as well as communication and trust in the relationship. Making the choice to be in alignment with this value is a positive game changer in all aspects. Wouldn’t you love to take your intimacy to the next level?
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