Nov - 19

Human Touch- Essential for a Thriving Life

In my sessions, I walk you through how to experience this euphoric feeling, what you need to do in order to feel ALIVE

An experiment for you to see for yourself…

Sit for a minute and relax with your eyes closed. After a couple deep breaths, just imagine an experience you’ve had with touch that may have been brief, superficial and maybe even felt obligatory. Perhaps you’re at an environment with associates where you had to be “on” and put on your professional hat. Just as you’re portraying a socially acceptable and “professional” appearance, as are they. Imagine yourself shaking new hands and greeting co-workers. How do you feel as the experience goes on? Feelings of energetic inspiration or feelings of monotony and depletion? Something else? It may be a little uncomfortable, but really sit with this imagined experience and notice how your body feels. Pause and acknowledge what happened. 

Now, take a couple more deep breaths and imagine an experience you’ve had with someone who you could genuinely be your true authentic self with, someone who does not judge you one bit. Still sitting with your eyes closed, imagine a warm, welcoming hug from this person who’s presence allows you to feel like you can just be “you” and do not have to pretend to be anything else. A stroke of your arm from this person, a rub on your neck or a chest to chest, heart to heart embrace may elicit something inside of you. How do you feel as this experience goes on? Pause and acknowledge what happened. 

For me, this experiment provided vastly different feelings with the two scenarios. In the experience where I am with someone I can be real and accepted and we provide each other with intimate touch, it makes me feel ALIVE. It literally fuels and nourishes my whole self, just the way that eating, drinking water and breathing air does. I feel like I am alive and thriving as opposed to just surviving and going through the motions. This desire isn’t lustful, wrong or shameful whatsoever.

Recognizing, accepting and embracing the need for intimate touch does wonders to one’s self. 

In my sessions, I walk you through how to experience this feeling, what you need to do in order to feel ALIVE. Let’s face it, our life is a constant roller coaster, with the highs and lows sometimes multiple highs and lows within the same day. Without this intimate touch, you could still go about life. But with this touch, you will enjoy the moment, and nourish your body and soul to take on life on your terms.

Come, schedule a session with me, and see for yourself, how beautiful life is.

Oct - 19

Are you ready to live an orgasmic life?

Are you ready to live an orgasmic life?

I live to work with people to break through the monotonous 0-10 cycle and start living on the scale of 11+. I encourage you to seek a life on a higher vibration and uncover your suppressed super human power that lies within you.

Our conditioning has taught us to hide our natural human sexual desires and keep that part of our essential nature hidden from the world. The constant forbidden presence of sexuality in society constantly drains and wastes this precious energetic resource. I exhort you to love that strong natural energy within you and embrace it. Lose the shame and stigma and call upon this energy source you were gifted with to fuel you.

Love it. Nurture it. Let it lead you to where you are meant to be.

Some may find this embrace controversial, but they will never live to their full potential. Tapping into this beautiful gift will create a powerful flow of abundance for all you wish to manifest into your life and the lives of the ones you love.

You already own this beautiful energy! I promise you it is amazing and wants to be welcomed into this world. It is time and it longs to be used to its full potential by every one of us. It thrives on unconditional love and becomes magnetized the more you love and embrace this sexual energy within you.

I work with clients one-on-one, as couples, small groups, teams as well as large audiences to facilitate incredible work with this super power we all possess. Using valuable tools, coaching exercises and hands-on energetic work, I love helping others identify this sexy secret/stranger within and adapt ways to embrace and nurture the pulse of their sexual energy. Identifying and becoming comfortable with our impressive gift of sexuality is just the beginning of tapping into the infinite potential about to become unlocked. Powerful and naturally occurring energy of this caliber can be harnessed and used for immense manifestations and infinite successes in your life.

Are you ready to live an orgasmic life?

Sep - 18

Respecting Relationships

Discovering and staying aligned with my personal values is super important in all that I do. Through trial and error and tuning into my own energy responses, I’ve gained a deep knowing in what is essential to me and how I want to live my life. Experience has taught me that loving relationships and teamwork are important to me. I hold this concept of teamwork in high regards and have had amazing outcomes when I live in harmony with this value of mine. Dedicating parts of my day to alone time and introspection is also vital for me to thrive as my best self, but I see my great results when I share a common goal with others.
Whether I’m working with one person at a time or 100 people together, I do make it known that this work should be accomplished with the support of their own personal team. Requesting support from friends, family, a significant other or the universe will all work great. This is not a requirement when coaching with me, but I do strongly suggest that our work together is being made known to the important relationships in the client’s life and is not kept secret. 
Although intimacy coaching doesn’t necessarily mean “sexual”, topics that are often discussed in sessions are quite personal and sacred. If a client is in a romantic relationship at the time of coaching with me, I strongly urge them to inform and or involve their significant other in our work. Feel free to share my website or let them know they can personally contact me to understand the work better. Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is super unique and unconventional at times. It is so important that the client can feel 100% comfortable with the work that we do together and walk away feeling positive and accomplished. Coaching isn’t optimal if subconscious thoughts are questioning whether or not their partners would be comfortable with what is happening. 
Relationship dynamics, rules and boundaries are all very different with every couple. It is not necessarily my business to know the details of my client’s relationship, but I do need to understand what is ok and what is off limits per their partnership’s collaborative boundaries. Knowing that our coaching works together is not being kept secret and the relationship is being respected at all times, allows me to do my job to the best of my abilities. Whether it’s through conversation, hands-on energy work or hypnosis and meditation, I often encourage client’s to get in touch with their arousal scale and be aware of their sexual energy. It is important for the client and myself to know how we can do this appropriately and with integrity. 
Prior to starting any coaching package, I provide a detailed description of this unique method to the client to review with their significant other. The critical step of establishing guidelines as a “team” with your partner and myself will open the door to amazing results from our sessions as well as communication and trust in the relationship. Making the choice to be in alignment with this value is a positive game changer in all aspects. Wouldn’t you love to take your intimacy to the next level?
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