Nov - 19

Human Touch- Essential for a Thriving Life

In my sessions, I walk you through how to experience this euphoric feeling, what you need to do in order to feel ALIVE

An experiment for you to see for yourself…

Sit for a minute and relax with your eyes closed. After a couple deep breaths, just imagine an experience you’ve had with touch that may have been brief, superficial and maybe even felt obligatory. Perhaps you’re at an environment with associates where you had to be “on” and put on your professional hat. Just as you’re portraying a socially acceptable and “professional” appearance, as are they. Imagine yourself shaking new hands and greeting co-workers. How do you feel as the experience goes on? Feelings of energetic inspiration or feelings of monotony and depletion? Something else? It may be a little uncomfortable, but really sit with this imagined experience and notice how your body feels. Pause and acknowledge what happened. 

Now, take a couple more deep breaths and imagine an experience you’ve had with someone who you could genuinely be your true authentic self with, someone who does not judge you one bit. Still sitting with your eyes closed, imagine a warm, welcoming hug from this person who’s presence allows you to feel like you can just be “you” and do not have to pretend to be anything else. A stroke of your arm from this person, a rub on your neck or a chest to chest, heart to heart embrace may elicit something inside of you. How do you feel as this experience goes on? Pause and acknowledge what happened. 

For me, this experiment provided vastly different feelings with the two scenarios. In the experience where I am with someone I can be real and accepted and we provide each other with intimate touch, it makes me feel ALIVE. It literally fuels and nourishes my whole self, just the way that eating, drinking water and breathing air does. I feel like I am alive and thriving as opposed to just surviving and going through the motions. This desire isn’t lustful, wrong or shameful whatsoever.

Recognizing, accepting and embracing the need for intimate touch does wonders to one’s self. 

In my sessions, I walk you through how to experience this feeling, what you need to do in order to feel ALIVE. Let’s face it, our life is a constant roller coaster, with the highs and lows sometimes multiple highs and lows within the same day. Without this intimate touch, you could still go about life. But with this touch, you will enjoy the moment, and nourish your body and soul to take on life on your terms.

Come, schedule a session with me, and see for yourself, how beautiful life is.

Oct - 18

Harnessing Your Sexual Energy

I am often asked, “what does it mean to harness sexual energy?” I believe it is a way to utilize one of our greatest gifts as human beings for our greater good. We all know how primal and strong sexual urges can be. Think about what your sex drive is capable of and incredible situations it has gotten you into. I don’t know about you, but my sexual energy can be quite strong and powerful at times. 

Prior to learning how to harness this vital energy I hold inside, I would often let it build and build, then finally fizzle away via orgasm. I would do this so I could get my focus back on other aspects of my day. That passionate drive is intense and I sometimes saw it as a distraction and it would get in my way. I would purposely release it so I could move on from my inherent urges and get back to my daily to-do list. Once I was able to recognize that the strength of this sexual energy didn’t have to be a burden and I could use it to my advantage, it was a whole new world! After learning how to build this natural energy in a healthy (and very fun) way, I’ve taught myself how to embrace it at its peak instead of wasting and ridding myself of it. I’ve learned to love this force inside of me and invite it to work for me instead of against me. 
Sexual energy is born in our second chakra right below our belly button, our sacral chakra. Typically, sexual energy will start, build and climax all within the sacral chakra region. I encourage those who want to harness this life-giving energy to activate it and build it up in the sacral chakra but don’t let it slip away right there. Similar to stoking a fire, building this energy to a steady roar will be enjoyable and exciting. It is important to know and understand your own body in this process and let it steadily build without releasing it out in a traditional orgasm. Prior to giving into the habit of release, try shifting this energy upwards and feed it to the rest of your body. One technique for moving this sexual energy is to use your breath, muscular contractions, and rhythmic movements until you feel this charge move all around your body. This takes practice and coaching, but the results are phenomenal. Soon you’ll experience the abundance of orgasmic pleasure throughout your being that will invigorate you instead of depleting you. 
While coaching clients on this practice, I ask that they set a specific intention or goal ahead of time. It can be overwhelming to harness sexual energy and have no idea what to do with it once it’s harnessed. Albert Einstein set intentions when he harnessed his sexual energy and it changed the world. What will you do with this primal gift?
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