Living 11+

Living 11+ Explained

We humans are capable of living on a higher vibrational level than we currently are. We’re blessed with specific powerful energies that can be utilized to continuously increase our capabilities and are not yet being tapped into like they were meant to be. Our current society has taught us that living on a scale of 0-10 is normal and acceptable. Think of it this way, the zero on this scale is a state of having a pulse and surviving and the ten on this scale is a state of orgasmic bliss and happiness.
Reaching the “peak” of this scale and hitting the 10 mark can be an amazing experience, it is the so-called “orgasm of life”.
The 10 mark is the supposed ultimate capacity of pleasure, you’ve been told it couldn’t get better from here. After hitting the 10 mark, you descend back down on the scale for a bit, fluctuate up and down depending on the day and your activities, hit the 10 mark and go back down again and experience a refractory period before climbing back up, never exceeding the coveted “10”.
Very similar to a hamster being stuck in a continuous wheel, this cyclical and predictable pattern never really goes the distance. Guess what, there is more, it does get better. Infinitely better. Living in the 0-10 zone as most humans do puts a cap or a “ceiling” on life and the pleasures that an orgasmic life has to offer. Impactful, creative humans have dabbled in the 11+ harnessing this powerful energy within us all such as historical greats; Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Steve Jobs. Every person is capable of making a beautiful impact on our world in their own personal way, we just need to live on this higher level and excel in a way that has yet to be unleashed within us. Not only is living in the 11+ more enjoyable, happier, sexier, fulfilling, creative, passionate and powerful, it is the level of discovering our own superpowers and living out our purpose. Thriving in the 11+ lets us live the strength we hold for a better life and better world. To learn more about living at this level, check out my offerings. To start your living 11+ ignite your journey with the Dynamic Tri-pack coaching foundational package. 

Are you ready to live 11+?

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