Life Coaching for Athletes

athlete life coaching
life coaching for athletes

Life coaching designed with professional athletes and high-level competition in mind. This coaching package will resonate with elite level players looking to take their game and overall life to the 11+. 


In addition to sports coaching, sports psychology and strength & conditioning coaching, Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching for Elite Athletes is essential to bring individual players and teams to an ascending level of professionalism. 


Tapping into the carnal and powerful energy source that lies strong within every athlete and harnessing it to use on the ice or field and in one’s life will break PRs as well as serve an essential asset to any winning team. 

Working with elite level athletes and teams works in a very similar way, but the 3-pack is usually completed prior to their competitive season. In-person sessions one-on-one after the 3-pack is completed is scheduled based on their home game schedule. Ideally coaching sessions are scheduled for one day prior or the morning of competition. Usually I would go to the athletes on or nearby their home field location, they arent required to come to the Scituate office. 

How to get started!

Athlete Coaching

Life Coaching for Athletes
$ 1000 per session
  • Session 1


Athletes will typically require more frequent sessions, especially during the competitive season, therefore the session rates will be sold at $1000/session and totaled up depending on how many home games they have. 

The total amount of the sessions for the seasons can be divided and billed monthly. The same package set up goes for team packages who hire me to work with the individual players. Teams who have 3 or more players working with me at a time will have a 10% team discount applied to the total amount of coaching dues.

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