What is Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching?

Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is a style of life coaching with a forward momentum that aims to inspire and promote growth, not dig up the past or dwell in despair. It is not necessary to abide by typical societal norms, expectations and “polite” language and topics while in session.

Fact: I will never judge you. 

I will never break our confidentiality. Although there is an obvious mutual respect with myself and the client, it is real, raw and nothing is off limits. The word “intimacy” represents more of a sacred openness that is shared between myself and my clients.

Topics of coaching range anywhere from; career, relationships/love, sex/fetishes, addictions/obsessions, finding your purpose, communication, confidence, lifestyles, goal setting, recovering from unhealthy habits etc. You may come into a session with a specific agenda or have no idea what you’d like to discuss, either way the session(s) will go exactly as they need to. This is not therapy, nor is it a time where I give my opinion or tell you what to do. I merely help inspire you to uncover your best self and hidden answers in whichever aspect is in need of shining the most! 


I coach others, I get coached myself and after every session, I leave on a higher frequency than when the session started.

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Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is an edgy style of results-driven life coaching

It has a strong focus on intimacy and harnessing sexual energy for the purposes of living into one’s unique personal strengths and thrive in a high vibrational life. Coaching modalities that are used: Neurolinguistic Programming, Guided Sensual Meditation, Change Hypnosis & Erotic Hypnosis, Reiki and other Hands-on Energy Work, Chakra Alignment, Tantric Breathing Techniques and Aqueoussage

One of the primary goals with LIC is to coach others to live a life in the 11+ and surpass the glass ceiling or societal limiting beliefs that keeps most people stuck in the 0-10 range of living. I believe there is an infinite range of arousing potential to be lived. This is an untapped resource that resides within all of us, and it is my job to help bring it out in those who are ready to live in the high frequency they were born to thrive in.

 Coaching programs are designed around around quarterly increments in order to break down yearly goals for maximum results. Designated for couples, partners, or business teams with the sole intention of thriving together to create a massive teamwork shift. In couples and team coaching packages, there are aspects of solo work and work done together that aids in discovering and utilizing individual’s strengths and contributions for the purpose of growing as a couple or team. Strengthens bonding and creative collaboration to achieve a common goal. 

Now offering couples coaching specializing in marriage planning and sacred conception packages. 

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