Feeling Alive

Human Touch- Essential for a Thriving Life

In my sessions, I walk you through how to experience this euphoric feeling, what you need to do in order to feel ALIVE Tweet An experiment for you to see for yourself… Sit for a minute and relax with your eyes closed. After a couple deep breaths, just imagine an experience you’ve had with touch that may have been brief, superficial and maybe even felt obligatory. Perhaps you’re at an environment with associates where you had to be “on” and put on your professional hat. Just as you’re portraying a socially acceptable and “professional” appearance, as are they. Imagine yourself

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live 11+
hidden energy

Are you ready to live an orgasmic life?

Are you ready to live an orgasmic life? Jessica Tweet I live to work with people to break through the monotonous 0-10 cycle and start living on the scale of 11+. I encourage you to seek a life on a higher vibration and uncover your suppressed super human power that lies within you. Our conditioning has taught us to hide our natural human sexual desires and keep that part of our essential nature hidden from the world. The constant forbidden presence of sexuality in society constantly drains and wastes this precious energetic resource. I exhort you to love that strong

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Why I Do What I Do

I love people, and I love to see them thrive.   I believe that everyone has their own personal gifts and strengths that are meant to be used and shared with the world.  One of my gifts is to see other’s strengths and help them realize their own potential. It excites me to see people get psyched to better themselves and come alive.  Although I do love helping others, I’m not here to push anyone to do something they’re not ready for or tell people what they should be doing. I do not have an agenda when I work with clients other

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