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[ awk – we – us – sazh ]


 Origin: from the Latin word aqueous “dissolved in water”

  1. an artistic form of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW), or sensual massage, for purposes of dissolving stress, promoting human connection, and creating a sensual flow of relaxation

  2. performed by a sensual artist utilizing her/his entire body in a rhythmic motion, usually to the tempo of water sounds, to rub, stretch, caress or slide across another body in a slow, sensuous manner

  3. supplies: Aqueoussage Solution (Sensual Energy Body Work product system by Elements of Intimacy) is generously applied topically to provide heightened sensations and a forms protective barrier to the skin for an optimal experience throughout the Aqueoussage

“They discovered another level of trust and intimacy since incorporating Aqueoussage into their relationship.”

  • I have created a unique form of Sensual Energy Body Work called, Aqueoussage with a unique purpose of creating and/or enhancing intimacy with one’s self or together as a couple. Similar to a slow, sensuous dance, this style of “massage” is a beautiful way to form a loving connection to yourself and another. The technique can be learned as an essential self-massage as part of your self-care routine or learned with the intention of sharing with your significant other for some creative bonding time. 

  • Inspired by various massage techniques I have learned over the years; Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Japanese Nuru and Swedish are all blended to produce a sexy blend of passionate touch. All products from my Elements of Intimacy Sensual Body Care line are used in this body-to-body practice that elicits unconditional love, blissful relaxation and sexual magnetism. 


One-on-one or Couples lessons: A 3-session introduction to the Aqueoussage technique with private instruction. Available at my Scituate location or in the convenience of your own home. Lessons are for entertainment and personal use only, not an official Aqueoussage certification. 










Group lessons/Certification Course: 40 Hour official Aqueoussage certification course that covers applicable muscular anatomy & physiology, chakra/energetic anatomy, body work principles, sexual energy harnessing techniques, executing body mechanics, rhythmic breathing and movement patterns, complete with a practical exam. Grants permission to use and advertise as an official professional Aqueoussage practitioner. (Private certification course also available)






Special Events: Available for parties or events of like-minded individuals looking for (optional) hands-on and participatory activities featuring sensual massage. One evening of education, demonstrations, practice moves, product supply and implementing activities. A perfect addition to showcase at any sexy party, lifestyle club or event.

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