About Me & Why I Do What I Do?

I have always been passionate about hockey, coaching, embracing sexuality and bringing myself and others to a place of greatness in all these areas. I became a personal trainer at the age of 18 to work my way through college and fell in love with sports training. Being a hockey player since I was 8, I understand the competitive drive and fearless attitude necessary for success in one’s life.

I left college at Northeastern University where I studied Athletic Training to open a small gym that specialized in sport-specific training for elite level hockey players. Due to personal hardships at NU, relationship trauma and overwhelming depression, I chose to escape most of the challenges in my life with excessive partying. I felt ashamed about myself and my sexuality. Eventually, I quit playing the sport that I loved, became increasingly reckless with my body and felt hypocritical training others to live a healthy lifestyle when my own was a mess. After a few years of living in a progressive downward spiral, I hit my bottom in 2015.

Until this life-changing point, I was surviving day-to-day but was not thriving in any sort of passionate life that I deserved to have. My days were overtaken by fear, my decisions were not made from a place of clarity and I would pray every night to not wake up the following morning.

Thankfully, I had a spiritual awakening that saved my life in September of 2015 and I have been progressing in life ever since. I immediately got clean and sober, rediscovered my strengths and dedicated my life to evolving in order to live out my soul’s purpose. I felt like a brand new person as I stepped into my 30’s. Along with many personal development courses and life coaching, I discovered an evolutionary form of sensual connection through bodywork that I call “Aqueoussage”.

I felt whole and healed in my mind, body heart and soul with all that I was discovering. Experiencing life from its dark depths and now knowing how amazing it can be and continues to epically increase, I want to share my journey and help others live the strength they hold. I absolutely love meeting like-minded people who want to live their greatest lives and change the world for the better. I literally come alive with a fiery passion when I surround myself with others who desire more and are living on a higher vibration. I believe everyone has the potential to live a life of strength fueled by magnetic sexual energy and I want to connect with those who are ready to do so.

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