• Unleash Your Personal Strengths
You will discover your personal gifts that uniquely contribute to raising the frequency of our earth & directly experience this positive impact in your own life
  • Fill Your Mind Body Heart & Soul
The focus of growth & progression is for the entire essence of “you” to be fulfilled in order to be your best self and give to others because your own cup is overflowing
  • Become a Sexual Magnet
Utilize your greatest untapped natural resource that lies within us all to be a manifesting pro and acquire all that you desire for your greatest good 
  • Vibrate Infinitely Higher
Imagine living up to your highest potential that infinitely increases every day of your life and keeps getting better and better- this is where you belong
  • Operate on an Elite Level
Living into your personal strengths while being powered with vital sexual energy from a place of fulfillment always equals peak performance in all aspects of life 
  • Manifest Your Dream Life
You’ve imagined it, now is the time to acquire the necessary tools and fuel it with powerful sexual energy so you can live beyond your wildest dreams


Elevate yourself through personalized life coaching with a focus on harnessing your essential sexual energy to manifest the lifestyle of your dreams

Body Work:

Master powerful sensuality tools to use with yourself and others to enhance energetic connections to magnify your inner strengths


Indulge in a luxurious all-natural sensuality system focused on self-care and unconditional love to enhance your higher vibrational orgasmic 11+ life

embrace your purpose + connect passionately = live the dream


“I joined theLIC with goals that were embarrassing and seemed unobtainable. Not only did I exceed my own expectations, I achieved a level of professional success that has allowed me a lifestyle I used to only fantasize about.”


“I am thoroughly empowered and living the life I was meant to live. I feel unstoppable. Anything is possible when living 11+.”

B.C. & J.C.

“I was in a place of lack- in all aspects. (My wife and I) reached out to Jessica, not knowing exactly what to expect, and started coaching. There was a massive shift almost immediately and we continue to be connected and live higher and higher on a daily basis, thank you Jessi.”


“I’m always inspired by this girl! I am now proud of my sensuality and everything that it has brought me. This is only the beginning!”

F. Y.

“Jessica and her style of lifestyle intimacy coaching should be also be known as “miracle working”. The relief of physical and emotional pain that came from this work is sustaining.”


“…the unconditional love that is present during our work together is unbelievably healing. This is what I’ve been missing for long as I can remember.”
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